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Posted : 1 Jul ,2013 by    Erxocb



They did not file an insurance claim on time and it was therefore denied by my insurance. They are now harrassing us with collections agency. My daughter was seen at this office on 9/14/2012 and provided them with her insurance card. She was seen without incident. 3 months later my daughter received a "final notice" bill from them, which was the first time she had been contacted by them since her office visit. They said they needed my information in order to complete the claim, which I promptly called and gave them. However, this was already outside the 90 day window that Cigna allows, and their claim was denied due to THEIR mistake and incompetence. They have been hounding me with bill after bill and each time I call and tell them that Cigna says they cannot bill me due to their contract with Cigna. They kept billing me and have now sent the bill to a collections agency (ARS) who have been hounding and harrassing my daughter daily over the phone. This has to be illegal and must be stopped. They are incompetent and expect customers to make up for their mistakes. Not going to happen.


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