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Beware of Jaycee Towers Service Coordinator


Posted : 19 Feb ,2014 by    Andy Gibs



My brother lived on the third floor at 440 Dayton Towers Drive on East fifth St. He was really sick. He was in and out of the hospital and also in a wheelchair. I always took my brother to the store and cooked and brought food over to him. Everybody knew him there. A few months ago, he passed away at the hospital. What really angers me is that I would go back and forth to get him extra things, to take to the hospital. He always kept his sock money stashed in certain drawers. I went to his apt, to get certain things he asked for.When I went in the apt building, Rebecca S Galentine told me she would get his things.I told her you know I take care of my brother and he gave me the key to his apt. She knew this. So instead of saying anything to her, I told her what he wanted. So, I waited in the hallway. This pissed me off. So she brought out a white bag and handed it to me. So, I left. As soon as I got in my truck, my brother called me from the hospital and said- don t forget the most important thing I asked for , his Bible. I went through the bag. His Bible was not in there. I got out of my truck, went back to the apt. I had my brother s key, so I went to the third floor to get his Bible. Guess who was in the room, when I opened the door? Rebecca was back in there going through his things. I walked up to her and confronted her. I told her my brother wants his Bible why didn t you put it in his bag. She said I don t have all day to look for everything. I said its right on his nite-stand. I told her she found the time to go back in his apt. She left the first time I did. Why is she nosing around in his apt? People hide your money. She immediately said that they don t allow any prescriptions on the property, to try and justify and conceal her guilt. I told her that she needs to put all of his belongings back where she got them. I called my brother , at the hospital. He told me to call the Police and turn her in. Rebecca made a threat to me that if I contact the Police, that she would evict my brother, from the premises, and she made the statement-question- whose side are they going to believe? I just want to warn everybody at this complex. If you have any prescription drugs, valuables, etc. to lock them into a safe or have someone else take care of them, off premises. Something needs to be done about this, as soon as possible. Rebecca has been getting away with this, for a long time. You all have been warned.

Jaycee Towers
440 Dayton Towers Dr
Dayton, OH 45410
(937) 228-4064
Rebecca S Galentine


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