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Posted : 10 Apr ,2014 by    Todd Rainman



I accidentally sent the order to Better World Books, with whom I had also done some business. The book I mistakenly sent to Better World Books was valued at amount, while my order from Better World Books-that I did NOT wish to return-was valued at only $90.00 Better World Books issued a refund of $90.00 in spite of the fact the book they received was not the one I had purchased from them. I have spent several months attempting to communicate with Better World Books regarding this error, and in the latest communication, a representative claimed no book was ever received from me, although I have tracking confirmation that it was delivered. Essentially, Better World Books has taken a book worth amount from me while giving me $90.00 in return. If the book cannot be found and returned to me so that I can get a refund from the correct seller, I would like Better World Books to pay for the cost of this book.

Better World Books
55740 Currant Road
Mishawaka, IN 46545
(574) 252-5303


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