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Posted : 9 Mar ,2014 by    Carry Whitemoore



1/12/14 dropped my computer off at Best Buy, paid them $79.00 to run a Diagnostic on it and call me so I could make a decision as to whether I wanted to fix or buy a new one as I did not want to spend much on fixing. Someone inexplicably shipped my computer off... somewhere..and it took a manager, Benjamin Potter, to track it down, get it back and he apologized to me and said they would fix whatever was wrong for free. Another employee called and said they would have to replace the hard drive but would not charge any labor, I just had to get recovery discs from ASUS, which I did at a cost of $62.00. (I also had to purchase new software to be reloaded because when I opened the original software boxes that were sent home in my original box, they were empty and whoever there had loaded them had not put them back in my boxes!) so I was out yet another $240.00. And then they tell me they just cannot get the internet explorer to connect and I should just use another search engine. I am not happy with that because if internet explorer is not connecting, then something was not download or installed correctly and I am not accepting it like that. I called the original manager who was helping me and he is off work with a family emergency, so I told them fine, give the info to another manager and have him call me. I also faxed the manager the information, I have emailed the MANAGER and I still cannot get one person to return my calls. I went in their store and spent $79.00 for a diagnostic to be run - which I never got, and now, even with them doing the labor "free" I am out $381.00 on a computer that is still not fixed and the Geek Squad pretty much said they couldn't get the connection to work. I would never have spent this much to repair a computer had they done what they were paid to do. I have asked them to credit me the money toward buying a new computer but absolutely no one will talk to me or respond in any way.

Best Buy
3700 Mandela Pkwy
Emeryville, California
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