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Bennett's promised the world but all they delivered was excuse after excuse - when they could be bothered to turn up. They were over a week late starting the job, and did not respond to any of the voicemails, emails or text messages that we left. we thought they had done a runner with our deposit.

When they eventually turned up after I threatened to cancel the job and go to court to recover the deposit, they did a full day's work and it looked promising. They were doing a simple garage conversion with a small extension to the rear.

Unfortunately, the brickies were sub-contracted and didn't turn up for a few days. Tony Bennett blamed it on them, the weather, a falling out between them and having to take his wife to a charity dinner! It was NEVER his fault.

I should have listened to the alarm bells that were ringing when I received a text from a neighbour asking me why the builder was urinating in the middle of the street. This was seen by her children!

Over the following weeks there was no progress, no contact and no trust. His promises that he would 'start the roof next week' didn't amount to anything.

Then, after a week of silence he sent me a text demanding more money to start the roof, despite not even finishing the walls that support the roof. He had barely done any work and was now asking for more cash up front. Needless to say, I promised him payment upon satisfactory completion of some work.

At this point he decided to walk off site leaving his rubbish strewn all over my garden. He also took my door key and failed to return it, meaning I have to pay to get the locks changed.

All in all, he promised everything and delivered problems. I strongly recommend you do not part with any money until you see work to that value... and have the patience of a saint!

Having now appointed another builder and spoken with the Building Control Officer, it is evident that the small amount of work done is not compliant. The walls are not sufficiently tied to the property, the damp proof course is too low, and the overall floor level, including door threshold is lower than the rest of the house therefore needing a step down inside the room. The whole lot has to be taken down and rebuilt!

I will be taking legal action to recover the additional costs and would advise anyone think twice before appointing this company, even for the most basic of jobs!

The minimum grade I can give on this review is one star. That, in my opinion, is two stars too many!

Edit: since posting this review I have received threats from the company. Demands to remove this review within 48hrs or pay the consequences. This review is accurate and honest. All statements can be supported by email, text messages and cctv footage. I will not be harassed into removing a true account of this awful company.


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