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Posted : 18 Apr ,2015 by    AshleyC



We ordered tickets and paid the company with Visa. They then called to say that the product was not available and would refund the card within 3-5 business days. Not ideal but what can you do. The company took $541.03 and refunded the card for $516.07. I asked repeatedly through 2 separate calls to speak to a manager and was refused. I also asked where there business was located and was told that was none of my concern. Also the employee stated that it is against company policy to allow customers to know their address? I wanted to send a formal letter to the company and was refused their address. After doing a little digging online I found that I am not the first person this has happened to. I believe this company is committing fraud and should be stopped! I would initially like my money back, as well as some type of accountability on their practice. I can't imagine that it is legal to charge someone for a product that they don't have. I would also like to know why they ask their employees not to disclose where their office is situated?


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