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Posted : 4 Jun ,2015 by    Stacey Barns



I have a credit card with Bank of America with a credit limit of $700 initially. I used it for odd purchases and to ensure timely payments, I set up automated payments from my checking account sometime in 2013. These minimum payments in the amount of $20 have been consistently charged to my checking account from when I set it up in 2013 up to the present time. The last time I used this card was perhaps 2013. However, since I always saw the minimum payments charged to my checking account every month til this day, I never thought anything was wrong. Additionally, I never received any statements or notices in the mail, so everything seemed fine. A week or so ago, I contacted Bank of America to the status of this credit card and to pay it off. However, I was shocked when I was told that this account was closed, past due and in debt collection. It was late so I was not able to contact the the bank's debt collection department. Today, I called again and spoke to representative who I told that I am willing to pay off the card. However, the fact that my account was closed and sent to debt collection without any notices or statements sent to me was completely unfair. I told him all I wanted was for any damage to my credit to be reversed. However, I was told there was nothing I could do except pay off the account. I asked to escalate the issue to a manager and I was connected after a long wait with Bank of America. I told him the whole story all over again. He first repeated a different card number that was different from mine. He then told me this credit card number was changed because you reported it stolen. I told him I never reported it stolen and in fact I have it on me right now. He then changed his statement and said, "no, no, sorry, your credit card number was changed when we closed your account." I told him I never received any notices or statements from them in regards to the account being past due or being closed or being in debt collection status. No mail, no phone calls, no emails. On top of that, I told Dave, when I see the $20 minimum payment EVERY SINGLE month up until NOW for a credit card with a credit limit of $700, with NO notices or statements sent to my address whatsoever about any adverse status, I am obviously going to assume all is well and my account is current. Dave told me that the statements and notices in fact were sent to my address (he had my correct address on file apparently). But when I asked him if he can send me any verification, log or any kind of evidence that these statements and notices they claim were in fact sent to me, he told me, "No, we can't send you anything. But the statements and notices were sent." In other words, I should take the bank's word for it and accept their claim and pay off the account. Credit Card closed and sent to collection without notice and minimum payments still being charged.


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