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Bank of America Alaska Airline Mileage credit card


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The particular product is the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card by Bank of America. My guess is that most of their cards have the same finance policy.

I'm a business owner that has two business with lots of money in BOA checking accounts, multiple merchant accounts which they make money from, Lines of credit - which we pay more than a $1000 each year to keep open, personal checking, personal credit cards, personal LOC's. So you could say I'm all in with Bank of America.

Today I called to discuss a $153 finance charge on a $102 charge. You are reading this correctly. The total monthly bill was more than $10,000 but a typo short paid it by $102. The next month they charge $153 for the finance charge. After an hour on hold waiting to talk to someone, I was told that the calculation is based on your average spend, not what was short paid. So I asked if it was shorted by $0.02 it would have been the same $153 finance charge, YES I was told. This is criminal that they can charge a fee much greater than the amount in question.

Think twice before using that BOA card.


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