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Posted : 11 Aug ,2017 by    Concerned Cat Lover



Debbie Walton and Wendy Kearney are two pedigree cat breeders who produce many litters of kittens each year. The are also producing cross bred kittens but the same care is not given to these kittens as the pedigree kittens. The kittens are not vaccinated, they leave at 8 weeks old, they are not neutered or microchipped. No care is given to these kittens who by the careless actions of these two women and not taking care to keep their cats apart produce kittens when there are already to many moggie kittens in cat rescue centres. link to their advert:


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  Dec 11, 2017 By     Debbie

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Wendy and I, normally would not normally bother to even answer to this kind of RUBBISH, but I DEBBIE with Wendy my best friend sitting besides me have agreed we would do one in-depth answer to the post answering all the points..
I believe once you click on the links on our page plus click on the link this vicious internet bully has added, all you will see is one very happy kitten...

Diego our International Fife Grand Champion and now GCCF Champion, was chipped using the superlorien chip, his testicles had shrunk and we thought we were safe... Q our amazing British shorthair, was we thought successfully mated by Gibson our young first timer.... However when the kittens were born, they were not British, in fact we knew that Diego had had his wicked way...

The kitten were born in my Bedroom, with a litter of FULL Maine coons.... they were reared EXACTLY as the full pedigree kittens were and the kitten pictured was like the others were vaccinated and Spayed... if you would like further PROOF, we are going to add this to our website over the next week...

The litter left us as with all our kittens with a contract of sale which states that should a kitten not settle either now or in the future we ALWAYS TAKE OUR KITTENS BACK....

Further the kittens in question left us, taking with them lots of food and lots of toys to take home with them. The new owners are on our FACEBOOK group with all our new owners, they have shared photos and information on their new kitty..... We know where all the kittens live and they are all microchipped.

ALL our kittens are fully VACCINATED, NEUTERED and MICROCHIPPED...... unlike the poster of this comment...

ONCE we full details regarding the poster of this post, plus another almost identical one on another AMERICAN site, we intend to take this to the police and have the person arrested and charged for malicious communication and harassment, this is what we have already DONE..... The details of which can be seen on our website...

People that write this kind of information on websites are sick and they are just internet bullies with nothing but time and pure JEALOUS in the heart and in their minds... I feel so sorry for them.... I really do...
What really does confuse me is they take from an add, which they have before DETAILS they want and then run off like silly little idiots posting poison on the internet.... You have to wonder WHY.... they say we do not VACCINATE, MICROCHIP and or NEUTER, the latter two are NOT compulsory under our cat club rules.... however we choose to this for our own peace of mind...

HOWEVER... I, the vet, possibly Wendy and the very nurse were the only people present in the room when my kittens had all the had done to them, so once again LIES and make believe.... BORING.....

  Jan 23, 2018 By     Debbie

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Our new website is up and running... soon there will be photos of the women who have been harassing us

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