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This lawyer represents the mother of my children. She has been in contempt 3 times and I have taken her to court 3 times for this. His latest ploy was to have her not admit to service to delay court action, then request a change of venue, which seems to have made all filings void and I would need to refile to have the courts take action.

He does not seem to care about the children in this matter, only how he can get his client as much money out of me as well as control of the children's lives. I have tried to explain to him and his client the children will know I fought to be in their lives as they get older and may resent her for it, if we do not come to some reasonable sharing of their childhood. What person wants to keep children from a parent they love spending time with?

If you are looking to hire someone to get you as much as they can, no matter the cost to the children go right ahead.


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