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Posted : 5 May ,2014 by    Ux3do



This gem is one of the lowest human beings I ve ever had to pleasure of hearing about in my life. All things that happened aside, she doesn t have an honest bone in her body, and obviously has an itch for the D that isn t her husbands (probably due to the fact he is far from a good looking fella). This fun filled story began a little over a year ago. I have been with the father of my children(fiance at the time) off and on since I was 16, and today I am 25. We ve had our issues, certainly, but during the few years leading up to this incident things overall were going pretty well. I had started a very stressful, yet respectable and good paying job, which consumed much of my time and patience. He just quit firefighting and was in a depression of sorts taking on the stay at home dad role. He basically started drinking often, complaining, and our sex life was non-existent. This was odd, on both our parts. I like to refer to these problems as silent problems. There was no screaming or fighting matches, but an obvious distance and tension between us. This tension hit an all-time high when he found himself in legal trouble due to a drunken outburst. He was given probation and community service, and he was PISSED about it. I let it be known how mad I was also. Since he wasn t working I had to pay the fees, etc he had to pay. We became roommate like, but I still trusted him and certainly didn t see what was coming. Basically, my fianc at the time began his community service at the senior center locally. He would go, come back on time, and share his day without much action in it. I would notice his phone was going off more, but I suppose I was blinded by how upset I was with him because I never thought anything or cared to check. Over the course of the next 6 months, I didn t notice anything odd other than that. Then he came home with a new cell phone, and said it was from a friend. I found that strange. He didn t have very close male friends, but I didn t question it either. Perhaps the icing on the cake was when I noticed him shaving his junk, something he only did for me by request once in awhile. This got me to look through his phone, thoroughly, every chance I got. I never found a thing, but did notice he has been deleting text messages, browser history, etc,. by comparing with the phone bill. I saw a number from a neighboring town pop up a ton, but it was saved in his phone as his buddy I met personally and knew was from that area. I let it go because I had no evidence. We also did still have a good relationship at times, which is what would also cause to me feel like I was overreacting and being a touch crazy. One evening he went to one of these court ordered classes, and I noticed he was quite a bit late. I checked the phone bill log live, and noticed he was blowing up the number that supposedly belonged to his friend, during the time he was supposed to be in this class. I busted out the trick to block the number, and call it. Just to see who answered. Sure enough, the voicemail belonged to a young sounding female named April. When he got home, I lost it on him. He confidently said it was someone he met back during the night his legal problems began, and she was just listening to him discuss our problems. My na ve ass said, WHAT problems? He couldn t even really name any. Nonetheless, I told him to stop talking to her as it was not appropriate to discuss our problems with another female that I had never heard of. I also struggled to believe what he said, so I texted this mystery person. She wrote back the exact story he recited me, and even added she would stop talking to him. She was overly nice actually. I believed the girl, because if something fishy or out of line was happening, I was expecting she wouldn t be too pleased to learn about me. Oh another mistake. Another few months went by and the ups and downs continued. I checked the phone bill religiously, and sure enough that number had stopped calling and being called. Sometimes my significant other was in an excellent mood, other times, not at all. He also started drinking again, despite being court ordered not to. Right before 4th of July, his probation officer came to arrest him after a positive alcohol test. He insisted on taking his phone with him to jail, at which point, I told him no. I knew I d had sufficient time to look through and get an idea if something was going on that may be linked to his behavior. I knew I had to look deeper, because the call log and text messages were coming up blank. It took me a day or two, but I finally opened an instant messenger app he had hidden in the phone, and I could not believe what I had seen. It was the April girl. I was confused though. Her name was the same as an older lady I had many mutual friends with. And sure as sh*t! It was an older lady! The messages between them included how she was trying to sneak away from her husband, and how much she loved him and could adjust to anal sex. I about fainted reading this stuff and it was only a day or two of conversation. Chances are, if you re on this home wrecker website, you ve been deceived, and we ALL know that stomach dropping I cannot believe this is happening feeling. It s the worst. Well, I left him. He tried and tried and had nothing nice to say about this April girl. He said that when he felt insignificant financially, and she was giving him money and buying him things because her husband was loaded and they had issues. She was 40 something, a grandma (while my man was 26), and a mom of three other kids and also had a clueless schmuck of husband. She worked at the senior center he did community service at, and she was sexually explicit and ready to go from the start according to him. She just had a hoard of plastic surgery done, credits to her hubby, and she spent that gift by fucking others. He just kept talking and talking about how meaningless this girl was, and she came on to him and then he was afraid to stop the sexual encounters because he was afraid she d tell me everything. He said he took her up on the offers because I wasn t putting out. He told me details I didn t want to know. I did believe him for the most part, because this girl already had an opportunity to come clean to me before I found out every detail, and she chose not to. It still took the both of them to create this God forsaken mess and they were both to blame. I just have no sympathy or understand for a women that has ignores the capability to divorce her husband first, then find as many single ready to bone guys(there are many) out there. She also wasn t just hurting my family, but her own. Nonetheless, it wasn t okay. Like a reasonable human being, I chose to get tested for STDs right away. Thank God I didn t get anything, but it scared me the most if this girl without a second thought had unprotected sex with my man not knowing where the hell he has been, who else has she done that with in her 45 or so years? Probably a book full. My fianc then chose to tell the girls husband. I had a talk with him, logically, and basically explained he had as much of a right to know what had been happening as I did. I would even burden guilt if he didn t know. I am only posting this because this girl is obviously relentless, heartless, and in an empty shell of a marriage. She is an older lady, but it is very easy to tell she wants to relive her youth. She dresses like a teenager, is on social media like a teenager, is just a few surgeries away from looking like Joan Rivers, and she likes younger guys. She knew about me the entire time and my children, and also betrayed her husband. When I found out and told her what I thought of her, she had nothing to say for herself or her actions. That folks, is a homewrecker in the flesh.


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