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Posted : 22 Aug ,2014 by    Hart Fenske



I ordered some gas oven burners for my stove from Appliance Zone. After about 5 minutes my bank account was already charged for the amount. About 30 minutes later I received an email stating that they did not know the manufacturer was now charging more for the part it was going to be $24.00 MORE. Making my total a little over $94.00 just for burners. I then agreed to this email so they would send them out and no one would contact me back giving me confirmation. They don't even have a phone number, it is all online chat or email support. Everyone on the online chat could not help me. One guy named mike told me that they would send them when I paid the additional fee. I gave them permission and got no confirmation. How am I suppose to pay the additional fee other than allowing them to take it out? I can't go online and click on the burners and I say I'm only paying the extra $24.00 for these. Hello? That doesn't make any sense. There is little customer service anyway and the little that you do receive seems completely incompetent.They do not keep track of anything going on in their store and their website information is never correct. Also, no phone number? Really? How convenient. I would like to be refunded since their website promised something different than was available. It is their mistake. They should be the ones paying and learning to take responsibility for their actions and their company's mistake.

Appliance Zone, LLC
1203 Highway 62 NE,
Corydon , IN 47112
Phone: (812) 225-5512
Fax: (812) 225-5512


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