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I received a phone call as I was driving home from work in NYC. The gentleman (forgot his name) introduced himself as being an employee of the International Union for Police Association. I was like WHAT? I didn't know what the organization was and what they could possibly want with me. He proceeded to tell me that the Child Safety Kits I had ordered finally arrived and he wanted to make sure I received them. After thinking about it for a minute I remembered that I had filled out a card at my daughter's Urgent Care. So i said OK, GREAT! I am thinking he will say that it would be mailed to me. Instead, he said that he needed to meet with me and my family. I said WHAT FOR? He said to train us on how to use them. So now I am thinking that these kits must be super awesome if I need training on how to use them, so although I want to know more, I start to feel a little funny about it. Then he gave me the option of either tomorrow or the next day. I said TOMORROW. OK, so he said that he would call me to confirm and to make sure that I would be available as he is driving from upstate. Now, upstate where, I began to think as his call back number came back as Yonkers. When he said upstate, he meant much further north, not Yonkers.

I didn't give it too much mind until this morning when I decided to call the Urgent Care and ask them if he was indeed meeting and training parents at the Urgent Care facility. The office manager had no idea about what I was talking about and seemed upset at the safety kit boxes outside the waiting area. She said she was going to call the number on the box and get back to me. When she did get back to me, she apologized and felt super bad about the entire situation. She explained that the person she had spoken to when she called that number said that they were from the American Income Life Insurance, and that the man who called me would come over to my home. She told me that she would remove the boxes from the waiting room of the Urgent Care, and she felt so badly that I was in that predicament. I was confused I guess when we spoke because since he had said something about training, I assumed it would happen at the Urgent Care location and that there would be other parents involved, not just me. He NEVER once mentioned he was from any life insurance company. I now remember that before we ended the conversation, he asked me an optional question: who do I bank with? I admit that answering his question makes me a very STUPID woman, but I guess I wasn't thinking. Now I am worried. What could he possibly do with all that name, address, and now bank.

Well, the phone call took place yesterday. And we are supposed to meet today. He never left a call back number. When I tried calling the Yonkers number to cancel the appointment, it said that I could not leave a message, blah blah blah. The number that called me and I tried calling back was 914-618-4739. So now I have to wait till he calls me so that I can tell him to go to hell.

What upsets me the most is that I was taken advantage by someone who used my daughter to get sell a policy. I never answer calls that I do not recognize but since it seemed to be a local number, I thought it may have been something related to my daughter, work, anything like that. And of course, I feel like an idiot for telling him the bank I do business with.

NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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