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Posted : 11 May ,2013 by    Jenna G.



American Income Life gets potential new clients by saying they work with the police department to get "child safe kits" out to as many people as possible. I was first approached by a young lady named "Stiina" while I was at work (a children's store). She proceeded to tell me about these kits that are used for the amber alert system in which the police use these completed kits to find lost children. Of course, as a mom, I thought this was very important and left a note for the owner to contact Stiina. I was given a "registration" form to fill out and returned it on the spot. She said she would contact me to set up a time to get the kit. Stiina contacted me a few days later and asked me when the best time would be to come by. Her window was on a Friday night between 6 and 9pm. I told her my husband would be home by 6 and my daughter would need to be in bed by 8. Now, wouldn't you assume a family would be getting dinner ready and then have to get a toddler ready for bed around that time? I had no problem having her come to "give me the kit", but never realized the terrible experience I was about to embark on. My husband misunderstood that I needed him to be home too and was out with co-workers after work. I finally got in touch when it was going past 6:30. I felt horrible that I was having Stiina wait to get started. We chatted and I offered her water while we waited. She actually left for about an hour so I could get dinner prepared for my daughter and she could see another client. She said she would be back around 8. She came back an hour later. Finally, my husband rushed home (usually by city bus, but he got a Car 2 Go) so he could get here quickly. By the time he walked in, she walked up and I turned off the stove (I was going to fit in our dinner while she was gone). I really thought we were going to fill out a child safe kit, make some finger prints and be done with it. I was SO wrong. Stiina pulled out her computer and began asking us some questions. She showed us the kit, but said we had some free benefits to take advantage of. She put in our info about our child and gave us the kit. She explained how important it was and showed us a video. She said to put it in the freezer when we had all of it filled out, with samples of hair, fingernail clipping and finger prints. The police are trained to look for it in the freezer in the case of a missing child. Everything sounded legit, until after I gave her a few friend's names to contact to get a child safe kit. I am a good-natured person and I care deeply for my child, as well as my friend's children. I would never give anyone's information out under any other circumstances. EVER. She really reeled me in with this amber alert talk. Something changed after that. She started showing us some stuff about money for injuries and life insurance. I suddenly felt my stomach in knots. Never did she mention any of this or the fact that she worked for a life insurance company, even when we were talking casually before we started. I even made a comment about her working with the police and she said nothing. My husband even felt something was off. She said we got a free certificate for injuries and was talking about health insurance and life insurance. We looked at each other and became very angry. Thanks for ruining our Friday night and and thanks for scamming my family and attempting to scam my friends too. SHAME ON YOU! We never ate our dinner, our child went to bed much later than she should have and we had this dishonest stranger in our house until almost 10:00 at night. Horrible experience. Never again will I so freely give my info. or anyone else's. I feel like a fool and I feel violated. This company is a sham and if they aren't, shame on them for duping people into becoming potential clients. BEWARE of AMERICAN INCOME LIFE INSURANCE. They don't deserve anyone's business in my opinion.

American Income Life
4015 Executive Park Drive #400, Sharonville, OH 45241
(513) 671-7220


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  Dec 25, 2015 By     angelic11

Attitude : Agree

THANK YOU for being so truthful and honest about your experience. This AIL company does not care about children, their kits are an unethical ploy to get into people's houses and to solicit to sell insurance. That is all. Their ads are all over the internet, reeling in unsuspecting parents, they should be banned. Also, their "id kit" was plagiarized from a well known and well respected ID kit, produced by another company, although this other company took them to court over 10 years ago for copyright infringement. Yes, they continue to infringe. Parents, if you read this message, NEVER EVER let anyone into your home to complete your child's ID. Child ID is a private and confidential matter, it should be completed only by a parent or guardian, and not an outsider. You never know if they store this information or will use it for nefarious purposes.If someone says they must come to your home to complete an ID, please call your local police department, and do not let them in the door. Your child is too precious and so is your time. Please do not support this AIL insurance company and their ID kit schemes, it does not benefit anyone, especially your children and your peace of mind.

  Jun 7, 2016 By     Mrs_Morales

Attitude : Agree

This happened to me yesterday. I am very upset about it and feel so stupid. never again!


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