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Posted : 22 Feb ,2014 by    Sammy Davis



The worst customer service I have ever experienced. This has got to be the biggest scam I have ever seen. I have called AGLA on four different occasions to file a claim on my Uncle's three life insurance policies and every time I call I am on hold for over 25 minutes before I ever even speak to someone and then I am told a different story every time. I feel as though no one within the organization has a clue. I have three policy's with three different numbers and I was told one of the policies are no good and the other two policies "might be good". I Filled the claims on the two that "might be good". My Aunt was the 1st beneficiary (she passed away 9 years ago) and my sister and I are the secondary beneficiaries. My sister passed away 8 years ago. I was first told that I would only receive 1/2 of the policy and the other 1/2 would go to his estate. I took the paper work had it notarized and mailed it off. I called back a week later to check on the status and was told none of that was necessary. They cut a check for my DEAD sister and a check for me. They had copies of all Death certificates. I had to explain AGAIN my Aunt and my Sister have passed away. He said he would correct the issues and I will receive the full benefit. I was shocked... This was the third conversation I had with AGLA with a different outcome. I called today and was appalled at the poor customer service AGAIN. I was told today that I only receive HALF of the policy and she didn't know anything else. There is over $1000 that my Uncle paid for that they will not refund. I was told that she would send it to the "Life Claims Dept" and she didn't have a phone number or anyway of contacting that department. How can a company do business in this matter... I called the local office in ST Louis and it was busy three times and then on my fourth attempt the phone just rang and rang... No one ever answered. How can I get the money that is owed to me????

American General Life Insurance Company
530 S American General Center,
Nashville, TN 37250
(800) 888-2452


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