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Posted : 19 Feb ,2014 by    Donald Loveless



My truck was backed into by one of American families insured drivers, the driver took responsibility for the accident on site and offered to pay out of pocket for the damage. I don t like under the table things like that so I called the insurance company. It took 3 months just to get an adjuster to examine my vehicle. they then offered me 50% of the estimated repairs even though their driver was at fault. they also only offered to repair about 35% of the actual damage caused by their driver. Only one time in the over 50 phone calls I have placed to them has the adjuster actually been in her office, she is always on vacation or something. After 2 more months of phone calls that were ignored and not returned I took it upon myself to get a real estimate for the repairs, they refused to even acknowledge that as a valid estimate even though it was done by my insurance company s repair shop. They refuse to pay for the real amount of the repair and only offered me and increase form 50% at fault to 60% at fault. I contacted the agents boss who basically told me he doesn t care about my problems and I can take it or leave it, not his problem. He told me there was nothing I could do and this ends here . I have the conversation with the adjuster s boss recorded if you would like the file. This had to be the rudest conversation I have ever experienced with a person in the customer service industry and the overall experience was one of being ignored and unattended to.


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