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Posted : 31 Jul ,2014 by    udaa



I was given 5 American Express $100 gift cards several years ago as a gift. Over the past couple of years, I have slowly bought things with them and used them up. I had one left this evening and I went to go use it. However, when I did so, the card did not work. Therefore, I called American Express Gift Cards and was put on the phone with a representative who asserted that the card had no balance and had never had any balance. I responded by telling him that the other 4 cards had worked and that I had just taken this one out of its original packaging and couldn't see how it couldn't have the desired balance. He replied that without the original receipt, there was nothing that American Express could do. I was unable to be put on the phone with a supervisor and ultimately got no where from complaining to the company by phone. Obviously, gift cards given as gifts mean that the owners does not have access to the original receipt. It is entirely unacceptable for Amex to not follow through on its responsibility to honor fairly purchased and relied upon giftcards. Also, by not giving me any reasonable recourse to get this resolved, I am forced to turn to Complaints Bureau for support (and, if this doesn't work, to the Consumer Protection Bureau and the NYS banking authority). There should be a much easier way to get this properly resolved and get the $100 to which I am entitled. I have been a long time customer of Amex and have a number of Amex credit cards. I may have to think twice about using those cards for many purchases if this incident proves to me that the firm cannot be relied upon to the extent I had assumed it could.


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