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Posted : 19 Jun ,2012 by    Robert & Bernetta



I've had a homeowners ins. policy for 30 years with Allstate and as I've gotten older and my income began to suffer from layoffs and unforseen exspenses had to reevaluate my expenses with my homeowners ins.policy under review first. I found that I've been paying excessive premiums for 30 years I was sold coverages I didn't need deductables so low that it caused my premiums to continue to grow each year, my ins. premium went from $346 to over $1500 today. With my income in decline my wife unemployed for the last 3 years I sought to change my premium and update my coverages that's when I found out more about what I was paying for. My house is the only dwelling on my property I don't have a garage I've been paying for other dwelling on my property for 30 years I feel I've been overcharge and under represented by my ins. agent for that entire period and want justice or satisfaction from my ins. company and I've filed a complaint with the State Ins. Bureau for a remedy to my situation. Now that understand how minorities are treated when they don't understand what they are buying and aren't explained how the deductables can lower they're premiums and overall cost of ins.


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