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Posted : 9 May ,2012 by    tina



I purchased homeowners insurance with Allstate in 2009 and each and every year since then, it has gone up. My house payment has gone up with that in 2010, my homeowners insurance went up $179.71 and then I got a letter in mail saying that there was a processing error for 2010 through 2011, that my insurance has gone down and they made a mistake, so they sent me a small check for $27.00. Then this week, I got a renewal letter saying my insurance is going back up for 2012 to 2013. I can't even understand how Allstate can get away with doing this. I'm new to home buying, this is my first house and I got a big surprise the year after I purchased my home. Not only did my insurance go up, but my taxes on my house went up and I didn't even realize it, so I ended up owing all this money on my escrow. My house payment went way up


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