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Allison Lounes and Paris Unraveled


Posted : 16 Jul ,2018 by    AniKhashadoorian



Allison Lounes is a fraud and takes advantage of vulnerable Americans who are looking to move to France. Allison Lounes hijacked the Facebook group called "Americans in France" which had been created by someone else several years before Allison Lounes every knew about it. Allison took over the group as a late group co-administrator by deleting other administrators and stealing the group for her business platform. Allison Lounes is a fraud who sells public information plagiarized from French government websites that is originally free and written in French. She sells the information to vulnerable Americans who cannot read French. Allison is also a Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist who openly makes fun of transgender people. Allison Lounes has no ctedilentials in law or French law. Allison Lounes pretends to be a lawyer and travel expert to Americans who do not know French language.


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  Feb 9, 2019 By     sararainey

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Something weird just happened on a facebook group for americans in paris, and so I searched for information on the person who runs a group because what she did was odd. I posted a response to a legitimate question - she dismissed my response and when I tried to post another explaining my reply and then suggesting the person seek legal advice, she deleted my comment. The group is supposed to be supportive, and she posted a gif making fun of the guy who asked the question like, the reason he's part of the forum is because he is NOT an expert... I looked at a few other posts and she just seems toxic. It worries me that people who are trying to seek out visa help seem to be basing all action on her word. She seems to have gone through the process and works on applications, but if she's giving out legal advice that people are relying on to their detriment, that's scary.

I quit the group, but if anyone is a member please please talk to professionals before going through the immigration process.

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