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Posted : 7 Nov ,2012 by    koln



Advertised a reduced rate for a hotel and when I tried to book it the price was 2 times higher. I showed them their rate but still wouldn t honor it I attempted to book a two night stay in NYC at the ****** ***** that the website had for a special price. For 5 days in November this hotel was listed at $219/night and 10 days in December at $249/night. I attempted to reserve a room for the two nights of 12/20 and 12/21. When I clicked on the nights the rate instead changed to $499/night. It did this for any combination of nights in December for which the price was listed at $249 and also doubled for the sale nights in November! I then spent 79 minutes on the phone with two reps to secure a room at their advertised price to no avail. The first rep could not explain why the prices kept doubling and when I asked to speak with a supervisor I was on hold for 50 minutes! The next rep to answer my call, much to my chagrin, was also not a supervisor but another sales rep named ****** ******* I explained my issue to him and he placed me on hold to look into it. When he came back he stated that the rates were only good for a few select nights to which I replied that the two nights I was trying to book were part of the days listed at the $249 rate. He placed me on hold again and when he came back he then requested that I send him a copy of the email that I had received from to verify the pricing and also stated that they would honor the price if I was correct. When he checked into it with the email he then said all of the reduced rates were entered incorrectly and would be changed to reflect a cost of $499/night. I argued that they should honor the rate I was trying to book at and that he earlier had said they would. He again placed me on hold and when he came back on the line he said he called the ****** and they would not honor that rate. I countered that the hotel was not the one that advertised the specific rate and should be the responsible party. After being placed on hold again Mr. ****** then offered me a $100 credit for a future booking which I said was unacceptable because that meant a two night stay at the ****** would still be $900 for two nights in December. I asked to speak to an actual supervisor and was informed by Mr. ****** that one was aware of the issue and offered the $100 credit. Mr. ****** then seemed to want me to make a decision on what I was going to use the $100 credit for right away and I asked him if I could have more time to look for a room and he told me I would have 24 hours to decide on how to use it. I find this type of false advertising to be repulsive and unprofessional. If I go into a reputable business establishment and a product is incorrectly priced they will honor that price and then make the necessary corrections to the remaining product. I have had this happen on a $1000 television purchase as well as several clothing ones and even twice with another hotel chain where the price was listed on their website. I expected to do the same particularly when Mr. ****** requested that I send him the email that I had received multiple times from showing this same price for the same dates at the ****** ****** I do not know that the BBB can resolve this any further to my satisfaction but I believe is responsible for their product and should be held accountable when they exhibit unscrupulous behavior.


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