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Posted : 4 Apr ,2015 by    Kalra



Bought a laptop from Best Buy an Acer Aspire E 11 -COWA product and laptop when out in less than a year. I was the middle of test in school when I got the Blue screen of Death. Resulting in a zero for class I used this laptop to do my school work because it is a requirement. I am a student I paid for laptop with my grant money. The process of fixing this computer is two weeks resulting me to have to drop out of class on grant money it not having to pay if attendance is good, average of a c or above and if you fail class you have to pay back the grant money this class is costing me 2500. I can not buy another laptop is I do not recieve any grant money I am only a student. I can not miss any classes. My local library only allows on hour of usage and you can not download certain items needed for class there systems are blocked and campuses close early due to the precentage of rapes. Another reason for usage of laptops for safety reasons. Acer to me is advertising great computes and laptops but I bought a lemon. I tried to contact acer online because they have not phone numbers and number listed your never get a live person. The case # 3785296U I explained my situation but all I got was an apology that is not going to clear what already happened. Best Buy could provide me with another computer but I have to wait for Acer corporation to tell them something after it gets shipped off which it did there saying it takes two weeks for product to get fixed and returned. I do not have time for two weeks. I need it repaired or given a new one asp all this vendors and stores advertise they are big with supporting schools bunch of lies. I want a new replacement as soon as possible or an upgraded computer that shows they are really supportive of schools and colleges and not advertising lies. A given new laptop does not cost company nothing all they have to do is write it off as a donation on their taxes they screwed me up for a bad laptop the least they can do is give me one.


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