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Posted : 22 Apr ,2015 by    Costello62



I just received one of the most condescending and demeaning phone calls of my entire life from someone identifying themselves as a "supervisor" (perhaps for Accredited Debt Relief. I was called out of the blue as he said he was reviewing my account. He claimed he was reviewing my account and yet continued to pressure me into a service that I expressed I was concerned about, did not provide clear information or details about what they were offering, and continually made veiled claims about how "insane" and "screwed" I was if I didn't choose this one plan that they were offering. It was incredibly offensive, hurtful, disheartening and only made me feel much worse about my situation and much worse about Accredited Debt Relief. I have to file a complaint as this is one of the worst calls I've been on and it's important that the world knows how bad I was treated. This company is supposed to help people work through tough times, and reach a better solution in the end. The pressure and unethical treatment from this person was the exact opposite of what I expected and the phone call has left me defeated. If this was their goal, then they have achieved success in making their customers feel much worse before they are forced to use their services and nothing else. I would like to receive an apology from the company and the person involved, and I would like to have the chance to speak with someone about their services who can actually help me in a reasonable, pressure-free way.

Accredited Debt Relief
591 Camino De La Reina #818, San Diego, CA 92108
[email protected]
Phone: (866) 345-5007
Fax: (866) 454-0128


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