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Posted : 1 Feb ,2014 by    Joe Grand



I am complaining about how AAA determines a service being rendered. If they give you a reference number they consider that one of your services. On 8/30/2013 I called for my car to be towed to a AAA service center to get a battery replaced that should of been replaced in June, but because they would have had to replace it for free they tightened the cables and said that was the problem and sent me home. Well on 8/30/2013 around 12pm a provider came out to tow and said that the plates were expired (something I was unaware of) and I would be charged $75, so I cancelled it because I didn't have $75 (I'll eat that). I than placed another call around 3am 8/31/2013 ad was told because it was less than 24 hrs. I would be charged $75 I stated I would just wait another tie and ended the call. Now on 9/2/2013 I call to get the vehicle towed and was informed that I had used all 5 of my service calls. They included the last 2 calls that I just mentioned. I admit the one with expired tags was my fault for not checking the tags, but to count the call that no one came out on just because I was given a reference number is just not right nor fair. I have been a AAA member since 2001 and this is by far the worst service I have gotten. I will definitely not be renewing my membership, but I would like my last 2 service calls granted back to me. I mean it is after all what I paid for.

AAA Carolinas
6600 AAA Dr, Charlotte, NC 28212-8259
Phone: (877) 282-3682
Fax: (704) 569-7750


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