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outgoing call nahi ho rahi hai this my no.. 7827072458 plz. slow this problems immediately

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Country : India

So, I'm on the federal do not call list, but they call anyway. I give them fake name and fake automobile information. Play with them a little. Car I own is still under warranty. Truck I own is so old, I would never have a warranty. Caller takes some basic information and passes me to an authorized agent. Agent gets some information and sends me to someone to verify coverage since it has "lapsed". They ask basic questions about condition and modifications and with no...

This punk calls. I missed his call. I call him back. He goes into his pitch running down my business and wants me to join or invest with him??? When he won't take no for an answer I hung up. He called back cursing and swearing like a playground bully. His number is (580)752-0760.

This company has pestered us non-stop for months and months and months and months. Their phone number is SPOOFED because our call blocker doesn't stop it. The Caller ID says "UNKNOWN NAME" - NO legit company blocks their name. When asked to stop calling (we've asked nicely and NOT nicely - makes no difference), they've done everything from laugh at us, to nasty remarks, to hanging up on us. I called the number back that shows on our Caller ID (the spoofed one: 206-777-6603) and it...

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