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Death Threats and disgusting mockery from members of his team and anors, to quote Alvaro de Ferranti, had such a profound effect on him he wanted to do cartwheels (a circular sideways handspring with the arms and legs extended). Alvaro is someone who seems to have moved away from hard drugs addiction with Ibogaine therapy. It has some success rates at getting people off heroin, but it has a death rate of 1 in 300 or so. Ibogaine is banned in many countries for that reason, namely the risk...

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Therapist John Hague sexually harassed me during 2 occasions at the National Institute for Change. He asked me more than once to meet up with him after sessions. He made remarks that he could give my probation officer a good report if I gave him a good time. I calmly played along and acted like the comments didn't bother me due to my probation. But now that it is now over. I want the world to know what to except from this guy and I hope real CHANGE happens. #metoo

Recently, a family member had to be removed from this Nursing home. She just had Surgery and had to have pins-rods put in her hips and the family members stayed with her, until she was removed. The care she received was very bad . She was abused and neglected .She was not taken care of, at all. When a family member mentioned this to one of the staff members, about the care she was not getting,all hell broke loose . Two of the aids took their anger out on my mother. They pulled her very hard...

Please do yourself to avoid this "Forest View Care and Rehabilitation Center" at all cost! -staff is not concerned with your well being, do not bother asking questions, you will only be talked down to if recognized at all -doctors will heavily over medicate ex. Every patient will be prescribed heavy sleeping pills, not because of insomnia or other disorders, but to sleep because of the terrible conditions -I was there for ten days and was allowed one hour of recreational time. I...

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