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PTSD patient evicted from home facility by unprofessional staff

Ingrid Mahogany social service and housing provider unprofessional and poor counseling service very disrespectfull to clients PTSD patient evicted from housing facility

Ingrid Mahogany social service provider unprofessional and poor service to clients very disrespectfull

This division of NYS Parks is completely unprofessional. they make their own rules to satisfy themselves. they don't adhere to state policies and the result is harassment discrimination and abuse of their employees. they should be eliminated in order to save taxpayers money. most of the time they sit around and socialize about their personal lives and have no accountability.

Organization does fund raisers via out the yr and at the finish of the yr the complete family, husbands, other halves, youngsters, brothers and sisters all go on a cruise. They are registered as a 501c3, however don't provide out their financials. Additionally they us donated cash to be apparatus for their revenue business. They are additionally known for making up diseases and sickness for every different to get donations additionally.

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