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I have Lumia 535 dual sim. I have been submitted this mobilephone in okhla nokia care center core for repairing throughout display blank predicament at 27-Feb-2015. The repairing reputation is pending even 15 has been gone out . Phone details: IMEI No 355741066849365 JobSheet No 87143352/150227/002

Cricket Wireless for GSM using AT&Ts network is throttled right from the start. You have to look very closely for the "fine print" or disclosure regarding speed throttling, they are not up front about it and the employees/sales people have no clue what they are talking about. Here is what you get: LTE max speed 8Mbps throttled (un-throttled can be as high as 55Mbps) 4G HSPA max speed 4Mbps The worst part is when I called customer service "611" the person told me LTE...

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