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Fake blonde bimbo who overdoes the tanning bed and is so insecure about herself. Mandi is delusional and has no clue people in her group think she is a nutcase. Mandi makes a fool out of herself everywhere she goes and pissed off so many people in Texas. It s finally catchI got up to her. Mandi really has no idea who is posting this stuff about her because she crossed so many people. Truth is, it s a bunch of us from her group who are exposing her for what she is. Stay the fuck away from...

A nurse also female mistreated me during my yearly physical while performing an intrusive exam and I tried to leave a very vague account as a warning to other women. Female sexual misconduct in healthcare is NOT rare but just rarely reported or rarely heard of on the web. I learned (due to this experience) that google is censored and the healthgrades reviews can be controlled by those who purchase an account. Its scary since females are considered the solution to sexual misconduct in...

I was treated like dirt at the Emergency room 8-16-15 they refused to treat My toothache and would not speak to Me about any kind of treatment and flat out refused Me I told them My allergy list and tried to give Me meds that was on My list. Marquette hospital has to be the most hatefull and unprofessional business in town

Puppy's sold with out shots/or wormed45

Old website was new website is After 15 years of seeing him and paying him cash "donation" of $100 to $200 per session, I still have the same diagnoses. Consumer Beware! Roland Healing Hands 1279 Boynton Street United States

Having researched Brightocular for the past 3 months in relation to changing my eye color from hazel to green, I am now very suspect on this company. They are big marketers, and it seems to be all hype with little real information. The color change surgery helps people change their eye color by artificial implant. in theory it sounds great.but after research I feel they could be a very dangerous scam! The company speaks about the procedure being safe (which is untrue) and makes statements...

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