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Rebecca Husselbee who is employed at Caters News Agency is a racist who sexually harrasses Muslim women online. Depraved racist Rebecca Husselbee (also known as Becca Husselbee) has a bestiality fetish and sexually harrasses Muslim women online as you can see from the link above. Rebecca Husselbee's father Steve Husselbee is also a racist who lives in Kingswinford, works at Fujitsu ans is part of Britain First a racist...

Jonathan Russell who is a commercial managing director at Trinity Mirror is a racist enabler. One of Trinity Mirror's Newspapers the Daily Express has a racist employee Becca Husselbee who incites hatred against Muslims and sexually harrasses Muslim women. Despite Russell being made aware of this he has tried to cover it up with Husselbee's other employer Caters News Agency.

Beware Of This Company. Carol A Wheeler and Kenneth Pack and Robert Anthony will take your money, never to be seen again. do never purchase any Magazines from this site. it s scam.

Took out a digital subscription for 6 issues in June only to find out today that the magazine has switched to 4 issues I took out a digital subscription to Creative Knitting Magazine in June 2012 for 1 year of 6 issues at $19.95. I have received one digital issue, the September 2012. I discovered today on the website that the magazine announced on Facebook on September 20th that they were switching to four issues a year starting with the November issue, which is to be the next issue. There...

Delivery of newspapaer was discontinued on 15 March 2013. This company has been charging my account from March - July 2013. I have been charged over $100 and have not received any service. Anchorage Daily News PO Box 149001, Anchorage, AK 99514-9001 Phone: (907) 257-4200 Fax: (907) 257-4544

We subscribe to the t.v. weekly.. and it is always a guess as to rather we will receive it in the mail each week.. we very rarely do receive it.. the most we got it was three weeks in a row.. I have been promised twice I would get a call back from their headquarters within 48 hours,, that has never happened for three weeks now. When I called this last time to the subscriber phone line after not receiving the product again I asked for a number I could call my self.. I was told they did not...

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