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Posted : 27 Jul ,2012 by    seccams



I would like to state, for the record, that this is a myriad complaint. In addition to refund/exchange issues, I am experiencing unprecedented customer service lows, and unsatisfactory warranty coverage. In fact, concerning the warranty, I believe this company purchases their inventory after online-consumers make their purchases, making it their warranty, not their warranty to give. Whether they purchase and extend the warranty themselves or provide the warranty independently, their level of commitment to customer service and production of viable solutions is pathetic, to say the least. This is what happened: I experienced 2 faulty cameras in a home dvr security system with 4 cameras. I had to pay to send them the faulty cameras, adding to the insult in customer service they provided. Only to discover the company received the cameras and is declaring that they now work. When troubleshooting over the phone prior to technicians advocating that I send in the cameras for inspection and repair, technicians had me verify that the other DVR camera outlets worked for the two existing functioning cameras, and they did, ultimately meaning that the wiring was intact and completely functional. I am disappointed in how I have been treated; I have been given a rather elaborate run-around, and each time their own advice failed them, they just made up a new issue and shifted the blame. I would appreciate if someone would please figure out how to make them refund my money, because all I got was excuses and frustration, and I would hate to put anymore fellow citizen consumers through that trouble. I appreciate your willingness to help. They have repeatedly shifted blame from their own advice, to that of their terms of service, while I have tried to solve the problem with the faulty product I purchased from them. They have hidden behind their dilapidated customer service ethics, avoided solutions, and refused to refund my money. They still have not sent back the 2 faulty cameras they claim are working. They refuse to give me a refund, and will not send me back the product I sent in to be inspected.
410 Lawrence Bell Dr
Unit 10, Williamsville, NY 14221
[email protected]
Phone: (716) 304-0250


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